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Explore your neighborhood. Visit your favorite
businesses. Get rewards.
PunchPoints is a mobile loyalty program designed for savvy consumers. Our smartphone app allows you to explore your neighborhood for restaurants, shops, and other local service providers that deserve your repeat business. Earn a scan with each visit, and start collecting PunchPoints immediately. The more you visit, the more exclusive the rewards. It's that simple!
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Shop Local, Shop Loyal

You love your community.
Now you can show
them just how much, and get rewarded, because they love you too! Your favorite business not on our list?
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Earn rewards for doing what you love. Whether you want unbeatable discounts, free products and services, or a nice
pat on the back with a smile, we've got you covered!
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Welcomemat Services
PunchPoints is the latest innovation from Welcomemat Services, a marketing strategies and technology company that targets new residents when they move into an area by presenting them with invitations to try various local businesses and organizations, helping them get acclimated to their new surroundings.
Since 2003, Welcomemat Services' technological innovation and marketing sophistication has enabled us to change the face of the direct mail marketing industry by offering local, regional, and national businesses and organizations unprecedented access to information about their new resident clients. We offer community businesses the change to meet new neighbors, make a great first impression, and grow, thanks to their new repeat customers. But our clients didn't want to stop there - they wanted to continue showing how much they appreciated their community's loyal support. Voila! PunchPoints was born!
PunchPoints makes it easy and fun for shoppers to earn rewards for their loyalty to local businesses. Our smartphone mobile app provides a powerful tool for consumers right in the palm of their hands. It's as simple as downloading the free app, scanning at each visit, and redeeming points for rewards. Additionally, we provide sophisticated analytics to businesses so that rewards can be tailored to their most loyal customers. It's a win for everyone!
What type of business is successful in the Welcomemat program?
Welcomemat works for a large variety of businesses. Having such a diverse customer base means our Welcome packages are fresh, creative, and always useful. There are so many potential clients for Welcomemat Services - restaurants, car washes, salons, hardware stores, dentists, auto centers, boutiques, and more!
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PunchPoints is brought to you by Welcomemat Services. Welcomemat Services has been featured on CNBC, Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Tennessean, The Denver Business Journal, Atlanta Business Radio and many other media outlets.
Read our media mentions for PunchPoints below.

"Welcomemat is making newcomers swear allegiance to local businesses."
NBC Chicago 5
"Welcomemat's local business clients report that the data has given them a better picture of their target audience"
"Businesses looking to build customer relationships and long-term loyalty should stick with Welcomemat Services"
Deliver Magazine
"With Welcomemat there is a greater chance the business can build loyalty"
Atlanta Business Chronicle
"Welcomemat's innovative technology helps pizza restaurants build loyal customers"
Pizza Marketing Quarterly
"Welcomemat Services, creators of PunchPoints, has the absolute right approach."
Street Fight
“One thing that really struck me was that the businesses participating thought quite highly of the app.”
Geek Girls Network
30 million small businesses with a $133 billion local advertising budget are looking for ways to gain new, loyal customers. 13-20% of the U.S. population moves each year and needs to build new relationships and new routines in their new neighborhoods.

By offering these new residents in your area an introduction to these local businesses that you already know, you help build long-lasting connections that have a positive impact on your community. Recently featured on CNBC, Welcomemat Services combines patented, state-of-the-art tracking and analytics technology with a passion for seeing local businesses grow and succeed.

PunchPoints is the latest innovation from Welcomemat Services. The PunchPoints mobile loyalty program is designed to help our franchisees offer an even greater resource to their local businesses - an easy and fun way for consumers to get rewards, encouraging new and repeat business.

Welcomemat Services was founded in 2003 and our low investment and work-from-home model is best suited for sales, marketing or real estate minded professionals who are interested in helping small businesses grow in their local communities.

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What is PunchPoints?
PunchPoints is a mobile loyalty program designed for savvy consumers. Our smartphone mobile app removes the burden of paper or plastic loyalty cards and allows you to explore your neighborhood for restaurants, shops, and other local service providers. Each time you visit, you'll get access to even more exclusive rewards from your favorite businesses.
Do I have to provide my credit card information to get rewards?
Absolutely not! We'll never require you to give us your credit card information. You simply keep doing what you're doing - visiting your favorite places, using your PunchPoints app, and stacking up those rewards!
How do you calculate points and when can I expect my rewards?
It's easy. For each visit, you'll receive 100 points. Typically, rewards start rolling in once you've earned 500 points. Be on the lookout for additional point opportunities too! Businesses may offer even more points for their favorite local shoppers on special occasions!
Do my rewards expire?
No. Rewards are calculated on an ongoing basis. (But we have a feeling you'll be so excited about your rewards, you'll want to use them as quickly as possible!)
What if I have a question about my PunchPoints?
PunchPoints vary from business to business. If you have questions regarding your rewards, please contact the business directly.
Where can I use my PunchPoints?
Today, we're working with a ton of local businesses around the Atlanta area. Don't see your favorite ones? We're expanding PunchPoints to other markets in the coming months. You can request your city be added to the roadmap . Check back often to find out where you can get rewards!
How can I sign up my business for PunchPoints?
It's easy! We're always looking to sign up new local businesses. You can sign up today at
There are so many Daily Deal sites out there. How is PunchPoints different?
The answer is easy: we're nothing like them. Sure, they have their place, but we're much different. We're looking to help grow the local economy, help our local businesses thrive, and let you have a little fun (and get rewarded) in the process. We want you to keep supporting your favorite spots — and the more you visit, the more rewards you'll get. We make it easy by providing your PunchPoints right in the palm of your hand — you're carrying that smartphone for a reason! There are no upfront commitments and no deal-of-the-day sitting in your inbox that you forget to use before the deadline. PunchPoints is a fresh new way to let you experience the best local spots in town.
None of this was helpful. I still have questions.
Hey, we tried, but that's no problem. Feel free to contact us any time at .